Back to the Future: Email Edition

I’m charging up my time machine. Let’s get ready to ride!

Did you know that – right now – the single most important online marketing tool you can have is email? Email!

Yep, I know. It was a head-scratcher for me, too. It’s not Instagram. Not SnapChat. Or a blog, YouTube, podcast, Pinterest, Periscope…none of it stacks up.

(Not even a Facebook business page.  But I reserve the right to connect the dots for you down the road.)

Of all the ammo in your arsenal, an email list is the one CORE thing you want in order to reach your audience quickly, on-demand, and effectively.


I’ll save you the run down of stats (because you can easily Google those and I’ll be sharing more as we go), but I bet it feels right in your bones when I say:

  • First, simply: what would you do if the social platform you’ve worked so hard to build stopped existing? Do you have another way to touch those fans that have already said, “Hey, I really like you. Tell me more!” or are you just out of luck?
  • Algorithms are madness. The complexity of the math that drives the distribution of your content – the things you have to say & share with your audience – is overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes downright NOT overcomeable. (Is that a word? Let’s go with it.) Instead of wondering if your message will be presented to your audience, you know with certainty that it will get to the intended eyeballs.
  • Blogging just to blog feels like a total drag and you’re not sure anyone’s out there, or how they’ll even find you in the first place. Hellooooooooo? Is this thing on?
  • Email is a completely “owned” asset – owned by YOU, that is. You control when and how often people hear from you.
  • You can turn off and turn on your promotional engine whenever you want with an email list. If you have a new product you’re introducing, a live event you’ll be speaking at, or want to offer a sale to just your reader list, you can do that. Anytime you want.

Ok, so there are lots of good reasons to reconsider email. Got it.

But, if you’re thinking to yourself: I don’t have a list, or I’ve let my list languish because I hadn’t a clue what to do with it, let’s figure out where to go next.

In coming months I’ll be digging into email – as an asset you grow and as a tool you use – and give you some tips about how to keep email list building at the forefront of your marketing activities.

We’ll get into:

  • Easy ways to grow your email list without spending a lot of money. Or, any.
  • What to “trade” people for their email address.
  • What to send out to your readers…and when.
  • And, how to seamlessly switch gears from relationship building & conversation starting into promotion. Without coming off like a cheesy salesperson.

So, tell me.

How do you use your email list today? What’s made you curious or resistant to this idea? Are you flashing back to 1998 like I am?!

Drop me a comment and let me know what’s on your mind. I can’t wait to explore with you!

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