What I Want You to Know About “Online Business”

Folks, if you haven’t noticed, the world around us has shifted.

In the 15 years that I’ve been an entrepreneur, I feel like in some ways I’ve seen it all. And in others, I’ve been completely clueless. I want to tell you about how my business, services, clients, average workday, and, really, my whole life have been completely opened up by the idea of “doing business online.” I want you to know is that it’s not scheme-y, scammy, icky or otherwise undesirable.

And, I want you to know that it’s an awakening you really want to know more about. #pinkieswear

By nature, I’m a rather absorbent sponge. I love soaking up all kinds of information and insight. I get a kick out of peeking under the hood and seeing what makes things run. And I definitely love engaging with people and understanding what drives them. And believe me, this nature of mine served me well when I decided to unravel the mysteries of this crazy world of the online.

What I learned was both simple and profound. And, most importantly, I learned that it was utterly and completely accessible to me. Despite being 45 years old – or perhaps because of my age & experience – I was actually very well suited to try something different.

Well, let’s be honest. What *I’m* doing isn’t all that different, after all. The other parts of my personality, expertise and nature mean that I’ve always been tuned in to being a sherpa of sorts. It’s how I’ve created a career of consulting & coaching.

I help entrepreneurs put a laser focus on their real business goals (and why the hell they even want those things) and I help them map out a path to get there.

It’s pretty simple.

But as the world shifted – mostly in the past 8-10 years – so have we gained new mediums, new platforms, new stages from which we can preach our message. And that means we’ve also had to learn some new skills, some new vocabulary, and some new tricks to keep skipping along the path.

It also means we have to ask ourselves: are we as hungry or seeking as we once were?  Do we have bias and ego dictating our reactions & interpretations of things?  I’d argue that all of that is probably true AND that it’s decidedly easy to set our sights on new horizons…if we choose to.

I’ll spend some time in the coming months talking about how that might apply to you – no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. I’ll share some success stories about people just like us who decided mid-career to pivot.

If you are any sort of:

  • Subject matter expert, specialist
  • Teacher, educator, instructor
  • Consultant, coach
  • Mentor, guide
  • Connector, communicator, author or speaker

…well, then this space is for you.

So here’s what I’d like you to know:

I’d like you to know that there are different, new ways to share the very same products & services you’re delivering right now…but easier, more efficiently, and to more people. (Read: a bigger opportunity for you, too.)

I’d like you to know that age is meaningless. Your current tech savviness is meaningless. Your open mind, willing heart, and curiosity are all that matter now.

If you want to try something new, the universe is literally conspiring to make that happen. Hey, I’m conspiring too! The access to knowledge, the ability to communicate so directly and quickly, the synthesis of others who have gone before you…it all means that you can learn whatever you’d like. Whenever you’d like. And, with that knowledge, you can change everything.

I’d like to blow your mind about what might be possible for you. Right now.

So welcome, friend. To my new website, to our growing newsletter & free community, and whatever may come next.  As I keep saying, I’m learning right here with you.

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