Does any of this sound familiar?

I keep posting on my Facebook page or Instagram, but don’t really know if anyone’s hearing me.  Hellooooo?

I advertise in my local print publication and am not clear if that’s getting me any business either. And it’s expensive!

I built my website in 2014 and haven’t really updated it since.  (Note: a blog post isn’t an “update.”)

I post on my blog every few months.  Mostly.  Kinda.  (I’m not entirely sure I need a blog, do I?  Someone told me I did.)

I have email addresses that I’ve collected, but don’t do anything with them.

I know I want more clients, and I know I’m not using my online presence to its potential.

I’m not technical, I don’t understand Facebook, and I just want to crawl into a hole.  (Except that my customers are definitely out there somewhere.  #sendhelp)