A new approach in 2018!

Hands in the air if you’re spinning out of the holidays and STILL feeling a bit overwhelmed. ??‍♀️

Honestly, the holiday season isn’t all the R&R it’s cracked up to be, is it? It takes an awful lot of effort to holiday! And then there’s alllll the work that feels like it’s gathering mass while you’re away doing all that relaxing. And sometimes for me it’s the idea of an open, blank page – the fresh start of the new year to tackle as I desire – that leaves me paralyzed.

I don’t know, maybe you’re here too? Do you…

  • Have another set of yearly goals that you’re not entirely sure how you’re going to “crush”?
  • Feel not-exactly-inspired by all the “hustle” you’re supposed to have going on?
  • Have little clue where to dig in first?

Yep, I feel that.

Perhaps it’s my age (which I like to say is “over-40” but if we’re honest, I’m closer to 50 than 40 these days…ahem), or maybe it’s the experience I’ve gained going from all those years of corporate cube-life to varying sizes of feistier, leaner, more nimble organizations. But not having a clear path to a GOAL (capitalized for emPHAsis) that I can understand, get passionate about, and let guide my days can usually send me off into one of two states.

One, I put my head down and plow. This version, while highly “productive” does little to move me towards actual by-god goals, true milestones that move the needle in my life or business, and – worst of all – leaves me at the whim of other people’s needs/wants/goals. Aka, I spend more time being responsive, putting out fires, jumping on every notification that pops up on my phone, and solving every crisis that arises instead of being intentional and consistent with my actions. As well all know, this is a sure recipe for burnout. And it’s not a lot of fun either.

Or two, I start planning like a crazy person. I buy the planners, plot the goals, make the resolutions, join the gym, and do all the upfront work that FEELS like I’m going to break through the barriers this year, but alas, life gets in the way. One little misstep, and bloop. I drop the ball, and I turn into person #1 again. Because I don’t have the underpinnings of good habits and rituals and beliefs that specifically relate to achieving my goals, I’m easily distracted and swayed from my true intent – which is always to do something DIFFERENT this year. To accomplish things that have stayed on my “bucket list” for years running. To check off the bigger successes and accomplishments instead of just being a slave to my to-do list.

Allllll of that’s changing this year. And you know how I know that? Well, I just told you about it.

Announcing it to you – my email and blog friends – is one of the bigger successes for me. I’m making a plan. I’m scheduling it. I’m turning something theoretical into something concrete AND I’m making myself accountable.

It’s both terrifying and absolutely exhilarating to know that I have put myself in position to do that this year. And I’m so damned glad you’re along for the ride!

A few little tweaks for the new year…

I am supremely excited to continue my Facebook Live series each week, but will be changing up the scheduled time/day.

Find me livestreaming now on Fridays at 11am Central right here: www.facebook.com/tracybydesignco. These will continue to be mini-workshops full of useful info about Modern Marketing & Audience Building (read: digital marketing, but integrated with your traditional activities) and about overall business strategies that lean on technology to make your efforts easier, more effective, and more fun. Yes! We’re here to have fun WHILE being successful.

BTW, this week – Friday, January 12th – I’m going to kick off a month of jamming about Planning & Goal Setting…for life AND business.

I’ll be incorporating life-level and business/marketing-level info here, so don’t miss it. I’ll be sharing things I’ve learned in the past few years about how to set myself up for success, how to keep my focus on the bigger picture, and how to knock out the day-to-day activities that make the engine run. I’m testing this whooooole thing out real-time with you this year, so I’ll be reporting in as I go.

But to get us started I’m going to dig right into the way I:

  • employ the right planning tool for the job (spoiler: for me, there are multiple and they work together)
  • lean on rituals and habits to help me protect my time, keep my energy up, and stay attuned to my larger vision
  • lay the groundwork through mindset mastery (Does that sound weird? To me, it’s really just about addressing the underlying issues/beliefs we all carry with us throughout life, and helping to repair or replace the negative ones with those that lead us down the path of more gratitude, more success, more growth, more…I don’t know…evolution? Change? Bigger lives?)
  • incorporate coaching, mastermind groups, or other “level up” assets to help me reach higher and push forward

So, I hope to see you on Friday! Every Friday, for that matter…

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One of the things that you’ve been asking of me is more information on how to stay up to speed on current Modern Marketing techniques – not to mention to unravel what’s really working – and how to apply them to your business.

While I’ll be talking about all of this throughout the months in my Facebook Live sessions AND through more of those intensive (and free!) 5 day eCourses, I’ve also put together a NEW SERIES of affordable Workshops for those of you who want to go faster and more in-depth. There will be two levels – like college 101 and 201 courses – so that you can choose your own adventure based on where you are right now in your online marketing education. I’m excited to kick these off, and can’t wait to hear how you enjoy them!

The first one is about getting started with Facebook Ads to grow your audience, and will take place on January 27th. It’s a live, virtual workshop that you can access anytime – no need to be there on the day, unless you want live, one-on-one interaction. You can watch the replay at anytime, as often as you want, as will be the case for ALL of my workshops.

Look for an announcement and registration information next week.


More of a question than a tweak, I guess…

How can I best help you?

My purpose here is to serve entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their audiences and make the most of their marketing resources…in order to sell, serve, grow, and find real success in business.

In order to do that, I’ll always ask for your feedback so I can get to know more about YOU and the business you run.

Here are the two best ways to get to me:

  1. Join our free coaching & networking group, Entrepreneur 3.0. It’s a small but growing community of business owners & leaders who have a passion for growing and expanding. No fence-sitters allowed! I welcome any and all questions there, and you’ll be able to get feedback and input from not just me, but other experienced business owners, too. So, jump in and get active!
  2. Comment here. I read every single one and I’ll either answer your Q back, or if it’s relevant to others (which it usually is), I’ll post a video reply to the group and tag you instead.
  3. Join my email list (below) so you get every dispatch, and can simply hit “reply.” This is a great option if you’re not ready to go quite-so-public. I’m here for ya!

Happiest New Year, friends! Awaaaaay we go!