Laser. Focus.

Over the past 3 years, I have been sailing the wild seas of digital marketing, leaning this way and that, sometimes going with the flow, and other times throwing myself bodily into the rapids.

I’m excited to be setting my sights on a new horizon. Well, not new at all, actually. But a focused one, and one that brings me a crazy amount of joy.

You see, at the end of the day, my 25+ years of marketing have always been about getting products & services in front of the people who need them. And there’s truly no better place to do that work than in digital marketing. The specific targeting, the personal connection, the ability to nurture audiences and bring them to a sales decision can happen so intimately – and quickly – within inboxes and on social media apps. It’s pretty magical.

But part of this journey for me has always been about finding the places where I can do the most good, bring the best results, and serve as many people as I can. Naturally, that has also meant stepping away from my “marketing generalist” role a bit and honing in on a space where I can leverage both the creative & strategic parts of my brain right alongside the dorky analytical nerd that lurks just beneath the surface.

In that role, Tracy by Design will be coaching, guiding and supporting businesses that are leveraging Facebook as a key part of their marketing strategy – and budget.

Meaning, businesses who want to grow their audiences and revenues through both paid and organic efforts. We’ll be shifting away from 1:1 or done-for-you consulting type services for anything other than Facebook marketing strategy & ads management.

💥 Kablam: Focus. Speciality. Expertise. Geeky passion. All in one tidy package.

But, not to worry. If you’re not at that point yet with your business, I can still help. Through my courses & small group coaching, I’ll play audience-growing sherpa to businesses of all sizes and stages and help you learn exactly how & when to implement a rock solid strategy of your own.

Get ready to grow!

So thank you for being here, for visiting my page, attending the workshops, and watching my videos. All of it! There will be a lot more where that came from.

Want to jump on board? Here’s what to do:

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