Hi, I’m Tracy Leigh Morgan and I’m an audience building strategist & sherpa for go-getter business owners.

My clients are entrepreneurs with belly fire, grit, and open hearts. They are resourceful and tenacious and just need support, a little extra knowledge, and to generally be pointed in the right direction. They are in love with their customers and their businesses, and they are laser-focused on growth, improvement, and fueling the bottom line.

Because, after all, successful business results means that we get to do MORE of what we love, and impact MORE people in the process. Yes!

Does that sound like you?

Because if it does, I bet know something else about you: you’re pretty damned busy running your business and have zero time to become an online marketing expert, too. You already know you SHOULD be doing something more with your digital marketing, but you’ve got no energy to try to put the pieces together yourself. And you might have even dabbled with a boosted post or a Facebook Ad already but aren’t sure you got the best results.

This is where I jump in.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of Facebook as a critical part of audience- and revenue-building strategies. Why? Because your audience is already there.

And because Facebook offers two things that traditional advertising cannot: 1) granular audience targeting so you can speak DIRECTLY to your ideal clients and 2) budget-friendliness. Which we can all appreciate, no?

I provide digital marketing confidence to entrepreneurs who want to amplify the inherent power of Facebook.

This includes leveraging Facebook Business Pages and Ads for:
  • general awareness building & outreach
  • product launches & promotions
  • ongoing lead generation & email list building
  • customized campaigns for whatever you want to sell (particularly in the categories of health & wellness, beauty, retail & hospitality, professional services, authors & educators, and online businesses)
     (Don’t see your category of business listed here?  Let’s talk…we just might be a perfect fit.)

So, if you want to reboot your Facebook marketing for 2018 by leveraging a simple, effective, customer-attracting blueprint then you’re in the right place.

And I’m here to help.

Official-like Bio Thing:

Tracy Leigh Morgan is a 25+ year marketing strategist with experience in retail, tech, hospitality, publishing, non-profit, and events. Her expertise includes starting and growing businesses of all sizes, product/service creation, marketing, and strategic planning.
In the online world, her focus has been on digital product development, audience building, offer creation, online marketing, and staying on top of tech, tools, and learning in a rapidly changing environment.