Facebook Marketing Strategy & Ads Management

Ready to get down to business with Facebook Marketing & Ads?

I provide full-service ads management, as well as strategic blueprint creation. Let’s figure out which is right for you.


Starting in June 2018, I’ll be offering the perfect combination of coaching, support, and mastermind-style group interaction.

This solution is perfect for DIY-marketers and clients who want to learn more about HOW to use Facebook and other online marketing efforts to grow their audiences and sell more stuff.

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Coming in August: Getting Started with Facebook Ads Course

A course for small business owners, Getting Started with FB Ads is for those who know they want to run their own ads. This course will shift beginners & boosters & random experimenters into confident ad managers in 6 weeks flat. We’ll cover everything from audience targeting, ad creative, optimizing, analyzing results, and supporting your paid ads with organic traffic strategies.

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After 25+ years as a marketer (and 16 years working with my own and my clients’ small businesses), I’ve learned to take a pretty multi-faceted look at a businesses online presence and can quickly spot problems, opportunities, low-hanging fruit.

But I’m also looking at things through the eyes of a small business owner myself and I understand the implications of running a business day in and day out:

You’re busy, you’re tired, and you’re not even sure where to begin.

My friend, I’ve got you.